Western IPM Bed Bug Work Group
Western IPM Bed Bug Work Group
Western IPM Bed Bug Work Group
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Western IPM Bed Bug Work Group

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Western Bed Bug Work Group

This Bed Bug Work Group is sponsored by the Western IPM Center. IPM, integrated pest management, is a process used to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. Our team, a group of bed bug researchers and educators, is dedicated to the expansion of knowledge and the accessibility of resources that help support bed bug management.


This site is a repository of information for a wide variety of stakeholders in the western United States. Search the site for documents, presentations, videos, and other materials about bed bugs and bed bug management.


Information found on this site has either been developed within the western United States or has been found helpful for some western stakeholders. The Western Bed Bug Work Group does not endorse nor guarantee any services or products displayed here. 

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Stop Bed Bugs


In this short interactive course, you will learn how to spot bed bugs, how to keep them out of your home and how to report them to your landlord. 




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